Top Five Greatest Gambit/Rogue Moments

Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I've one over the years.

A little while back, I did a top five greatest Rogue moments. I felt bad for the relative dearth of Gambit/Rogue moments on the list, so I figured, why not give them their OWN list? So here we take a look at the top five greatest moments between Gambit and Rogue.


I had to be strict to myself and hold myself to just two honorable mentions. Otherwise it'd just get ridiculous.

"Boysenberry!" (X-Men #8)

Scott Lobdell, Jim Lee and a bunch of inkers tell this charming tale of the early courtship of Gambit and Rogue, where they are interrupted by Bishop...

After Bishop and Gambit go back and forth a bit, we see this amusing bit...

Prisoners in Antarctica (Uncanny X-Men #348, plus a little from Uncanny X-Men #350)

So Rogue and Gambit kissed and in X-Men #45 we learn that Gambit is now freaking out because Rogue has his memories jumbled in her head and she might learn his...SECRET!!! So later on, Gambit and Rogue are kidnapped by Eric the Red and taking to an Antarctic base for Gambit to be prosecuted over his TERRIBLE SECRET!!

Before the trial, though, Rogue and Gambit get to bond a little, as he understands how his SECRET is torturing Rogue as much as it has always tortured him...

Nice stuff.

In Uncanny X-Men #350 (all of this is by Scott Lobdell, Joe Madureira and Tim Townsend, by the way), we see this moment, which is actually kind of not great planning, writing-wise, as it really should have been set up earlier (like in Uncanny X-Men #348)...

and at the end of the issue, once Rogue has learned Gambit's SECRET, we get a nice callback...

5. Rogue and Gambit grow close (Uncanny X-Men #297)

Scott Lobdell, Brandon Peterson and Dan Panosian deliver this delightfully sweet exchange that really showed the formation of the close relationship the two would soon have...

4. Rogue and Gambit's first kiss (X-Men #41)

In X-Men #41 (by Fabian Nicieza, Andy Kubert and Matt Ryan), the M'Kran Crystal has been messed with due to Legion killing his own father in the past and, well, reality as we know it is about to be wiped out (to make room for the Age of Apocalypse). What to do in the face of all reality collapsing in on you? FIRST KISS!!

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