Top Five Goliaths

Top Five Month draws to a close with a look at the top five comic book Goliaths!

Enjoy! And I hope you enjoyed Top Five Month (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far)!!

5. Goliath (Tom Foster)

If Reggie Hudlin stops writing comic books any time soon, then Tom Foster, cousin (or is it nephew?) of Bill Foster will probably be his best creation.

Tom was created as sort of a response to the piss-poor way that Bill Foster's death was handled. Reed Richards, Tony Stark and Hank Pym built a cybernetic clone of Thor, the clone KILLED Bill Foster, and basically, all we get is a "Oh man, I'm so sorry."

It was absurd, and Tom was created, at least in part, to make up for that lackluster treatment of Bill.

Dwayne McDuffie took the character over and used him to great effect as a member of Damage Control.

4. Goliath (Hawkeye)

You have to give it up for that cover, eh?

That said, Hawkeye is better without the growing, although it does sorta make it silly that he'd ever choose to go BACK to just shooting arrows if he could be Goliath.

That idea was actually addressed during Galactic Storm, when Hawkeye is left off of the main teams in place of USAgent, because USAgent is more powerful than he is, Clint takes the Goliath serum again.

3. Goliath (Erik Josten)

I liked Eric as Goliath for two reasons:

1. The name wasn't really being used, and a villain was a nice twist on the idea


2. It was hilarious that he, as Power Man, had his name "stolen" by Luke Cage, so now he was going to "steal" a hero's name!


2. Goliath (Hank Pym)

The original Goliath!

1. Goliath (killer whale)

This talking whale was a mighty hard guy for Kamandi to face off against!

Okay, okay, here's the real deal...

1. Goliath (Bill Foster)

While it normally would be cheesy to have a hero who took the name of another hero, it wasn't like Goliath was even Hank Pym's first name - it was his THIRD!! And his SECOND with the same power-set!

And as opposed to Hawkeye, Bill did not have anything but Goliath going for him, superhero-wise.

And as opposed to Eric Josten, he was a good guy.

And as opposed to the talking killer whale, he was a human.

So Bill Foster is a posthumous #1!

That's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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