Top Five Earth 2 Characters

Top Five Month continues (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) with a timely (as Justice Society of America Annual #1 visits Earth 2 this week) look at the top five characters invented AS Earth 2 characters (as opposed to characters moved over during the Silver Age)!


5. Obsidian

Todd Rice, the son of Alan Scott, Green Lantern, has had quite a checkered comic book past.

First, he didn't get much to do in Infinity, Inc.

Then, he didn't get much to do in Justice League America, except for a pretty painfully bad "is he gay?" subplot.

Then he became a bad guy.

Then, FINALLY, he became a good guy again and Marc Andreyko did some excellent work with him in Manhunter.

Andreyko finally had Obsidian come out as a gay superhero, and it's really worked well for the character.

4. Atom-Smasher

I think Al Rothstein has been one of the best pieces of work by David Goyer, James Robinson and Geoff Johns, as I really did not like him when he was Nuklon.

But in the JSA, now under the name Atom-Smasher, Al became a much more interesting character, filled with great depths.

His moral struggles were some of the best character work of the entire run of JSA.

3. Jade

Jade was one of the few characters to make it out of Infinity, Inc. and still be used regularly. A dearth of good female superheroes will do that, I suppose.

She was used to great effect in both Ron Marz and Judd Winick's run on Green Lantern.

Sadly, she was recently killed off (it was a pretty bad death, too).

2. Huntress

The daughter of Batman and Catwoman, Helena Wayne quickly became one of the most popular Earth-2 characters.

Her mixture of the aesthetics of her parents made for a really interesting character dynamic.

After Crisis, she was remade as a daughter of the Mafia, with an origin similar to Batman's, only if Thomas and Martha Wayne were members of the Mafia (and don't think that retcon won't happen!).

She's been a popular character since, currently featured in Birds of Prey.

1. Power Girl

The cousin of Superman, Power Girl has become one of the top female superheroes in the entire DC Universe, and is soon going to gain her own ongoing series!

That's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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