Top Five Dennis Calero Covers

Here are the top five Dennis Calero covers!



Calero has a real eye for photorealism, - he does not make them too blocky. I dig it. That makes him a great call for licensed work. He did a number of good Sliders covers when he was just breaking into comics, and he continues his strong licensed work today with this recent Star Trek cover.


This is a striking cover for the Unique hardcover that Calero worked on with the great Dean Motter.


This is the first of two Legion covers by Calero on the list - I really like how Supergirl pops on the cover without going overboard.


This Legion cover, though, is a lot more striking - very compelling visuals.


This variant cover for X-Men: Noir (written by Fred Van Lente), though, I think is by far the tops for Calero - what a brilliant use of negative space and silhouette.

Just awesome.

That's the Top Five! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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