Top Five Deadpool Guest Appearances

2. Amazing Spider-Man #611

This much-anticipated issue saw then-Amazing Spider-Man Brain Trust member Joe Kelly writing Deadpool again, as Deadpool is hired to occupy Spider-Man so that Spidey misses a few things (most importantly that Spider-Woman, Mattie Franklin, has been kidnapped). Eric Canete drew the issue. It's an explosion of fun...

1. Wolverine Origins #21-25

This story arc by Daniel Way and Steve Dillon served to revitalize Deadpool as Way's new take on the character led to a new ongoing series starring Deadpool by Way.

Way's take was to sot of embrace the craziness of Deadpool and take it to a whole absurdist degree...

Dude drops a PIANO on Wolverine!

And, of course, this classic bit from later in the story...

Not since he first appeared in the pages of New Mutants and X-Force did an appearance by Deadpool mean as much to the character, hence its place at #1.

That's the top five! Agree? Disagre? Let me know!

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