Top Five Deadpool Guest Appearances

At the end of X-Force #46, Siryn, who has been trapped in an asylum, contacts Deadpool, as X-Force writer Jeph Loeb followed up on the Deadpool/Siryn relationship established in Deadpool's second mini-series. So in X-Force #47 (by Jeph Loeb, Adam Pollina and Mark Pennington), Deadpool rescues her, but in the end, he ends up taking her place...

As an epilogue, Siryn then frees Deadpool in X-Force #56 (by Loeb, Pollina and Bud La Rosa and Mark Morales)...

This was a lowpoint in Deadpool's comic book career, as he was just trapped in an asylum for almost a year and no one particularly cared.

4. Avenging Spider-Man #12-13

In this very clever two-parter by Kevin Shinick and Aaron Kuder, Deadpool visits Spider-Man in a dream and then, well, lots of trippy dream stuff happens, beautifully illustrated by the brilliant Kuder...

However, there is a fun twist involved for the second part, as you see, it wasn't REALLY a dream, but the Hypno-Hustler and Deadpool made Spider-Man THINK it was a dream and then manipulated Spider-Man into freeing the Hypno-Hustler from prison while "dreaming." The second part sees Spidey take on the Hypno-Hustler and eventually defeat him with Deadpool's help (the issue ends with Spidey getting his revenge on Deadpool initially helping the Hypno-Hustler - it's funny stuff).

3. Wolverine #88

This early Deadpool guest appearance was pretty much all about Adam Kubert, right from the stunning cover...

Not that writer Larry Hama didn't write a fun story, as he did, but this was really about spotlighting Kubert, right down to him having THREE double-page splashes right in a row!

Sadly, Kubert didn't finish the issue, and the fill-in artist filled the rest of the issue with shockingly blatant Jim Lee traces. But the Kubert stuff is enough to get it this high.

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