Top Five DC/Marvel Crossovers

This week's top five consists of the top five single crossover issues between DC and Marvel, which excludes DC vs. Marvel, All Access, Unlimited Access and JLA/Avengers.


5. Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man

This one is up here mainly because, well, most of these crossovers blow. This one, while not a particularly good one EITHER, is at least the first one - and not bad or anything. Sadly, "not bad" is better than most of the other ones.

4. Superman vs. The Incredible Hulk

This one was written by Roger Stern, with artwork by Steve Rude. It is set in the past, which we all know Rude's art is perfectly situated for. Heck, the entire issue seems like basically an opportunity to let Rude draw cool stuff.

But hey, what's wrong with that? The art is amazing, and the story is decent enough.

3. Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk

Jose Garcia-Lopez draws the book, and he does an awesome job. Len Wein, meanwhile, does a very nice job on the story, in a very difficult situation - how the heck do you work the Hulk and Batman into a story together?!!?

Wein finds a way. It isn't exactly the most brilliant story in the world (The Shaper? Yikes), but it is a lot of fun.

And WOW - the artwork is stunning.

2. Darkseid vs. Galactus: The Hunger

This is one of the dorkiest comics you'll see, but the dorkiness really works for it, as Byrne takes this project sooo serious.

It is essentially "What If...Galactus came to eat Apokalips?," which is, well, an awesome idea!

And one that Byrne executes to the fullest.

1. Batman/Captain America

This is probably the best crossover issue I've seen by ANY two comic book companies. This is a real tour de force, as Byrne not only manages to work in a lot of cool characters, but he manages to make it WORK.

And the art is good, as well.

Agree with my choices? Disagree? Let me know!

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