Top Five Daredevil Writers

Top Five Month (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) continues with a look at the top writers on Daredevil.



D.G. Chichester

I think that the bad aspects of Chichester's run were more likely more editorial driven than anything he really wanted to do. Meanwhile, his early issues were a good deal stronger.

Gerry Conway

Fairly light fare, but still fun stuff.

Marv Wolfman

Similar to Conway's run, although Wolfman also gave us Bullseye, which is worth an honorable mention just on that alone!

Karl Kesel

Personally, I'd have him on the top five if I were just going by my own personal views, but I have to admit that in the context of critical history...

5. Ann Nocenti

Nocenti's run has fared better, critically. In addition, she recently wrote a very good story in Daredevil #500, which was really impressive given her time away from the book.

4. Stan Lee

It's amazing how long Lee wrote Daredevil. He was on the book for nearly four years!!! He co-created the character and wrote some excellent issues, none more famous, likely, than this one with Daredevil vs. Namor.

3. Ed Brubaker

Brubaker's run certainly had some flaws (mostly the utter bleakness of it all), but it was still an extremely well-constructed, well-told series of stories.

2. Brian Michael Bendis

Bendis and Brubaker had very similar runs, but I think Bendis likely had a bit more freedom in constructing his run, and as a result, came away with a slightly more cogent overall arc. Still, to go from Bendis to Brubaker is pretty amazing for a comic book title.

1. Frank Miller

Heck, if we just went by "Born Again," Miller would fight for the top spot, but we also have his exemplary first run on the title (plus the strong mini-series, Man Without Fear).

That's the list! Agree? Disagree? Any fans of the Gerber issues? Or the Roy Thomas stint on the book? Or Kevin Smith? David Mack? Let me know!

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