Top Five Daredevil Artists

Top Five Month (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) continues with a look at a counterpart to the top Daredevil writers by looking at the top Daredevil ARTISTS over the years!



Tim Sale

Only the one Daredevil work, but boy, Daredevil: Yellow sure wuz purty.

Joe Quesada

Quesada certainly has a dynamic style and his issues were very memorable from a visual perspective.

Dave Mack

Mack is a wonderful artist and he did strong work on his Daredevil issues.

Bill Everett

Bill Everett did not draw the book long, but he did co-create the guy. I figure that deserves an honorable mention.

Bill Sienkiewicz

Similar to Sale, Sienkiewicz has only really done one Daredevil work, but boy, what a work!!!

John Romita

Romita had a nice little run. It was good enough that he got put on Amazing Spider-Man, then Marvel's first or second-highest selling title!

Michael Lark

Isn't it weird that such a great artist as Michael Lark only had ONE cover during his stint on the book? Werid. Combined with the great Stefano Gaudiano, Lark was excellent on Daredevil.

Lee Weeks

Was this the only extended run of Lee Week's career? It was sure great looking comics.

Klaus Janson

Perhaps the most underrated Daredevil artist of all time, many people forget that he was doing finishes for much of the classic Miller run, including this legendary issue. Janson was brilliant on Daredevil.

John Romita Jr.

The absolute toughest omission, but this is an extremely difficult list to crack.

5. Alex Maleev

Maleev and Romita Jr. are the toughest calls. I can see a case being made for either one. If I weren't so adamantly opposed to ties on the Top Fives, I'd have them tied.

4. Wally Wood

Look, they even mention him by name on the cover of his first issue (interestingly enough, he only inked the above cover)!!! Wood is a true comic book Hall of Famer, and he did Hall of Fame-level work on his short run on Daredevil.

3. David Mazzucchelli

The funny thing about Mazzucchelli was that he was a star on the book BEFORE Born Again. He was already the star of the Denny O'Neil run (not that O'Neil was bad or anything, but the star of that collaboration was Mazzucchelli) but then Born Again just made him practically a shining sun of awesomeness. It is stunning that he had only gotten BETTER over the years!

2. Gene Colan

The grand dean of Daredevil. If not for #1 on the list, he would be by far THE definitive Daredevil artist.

1. Frank Miller

But Frank Miller is just the definitive Daredevil creator period, writer AND artist.

That's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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