Top Five Covers with Ghost Rider as a Guest Star!

We know it is easy enough to do cool Ghost Rider covers on his own title, but how about when Ghost Rider guest-stars in OTHER comic books? How about then? Here the top five covers with Ghost Rider as a guest star!



So many good covers, so some good ones had to miss the top five...

Bob Hall's Avengers #214

Hmmm...maybe I am being a bit too harsh on this cover. The whole Iron Man part of the cover is quite impressive. I just don't like the rest of the cover.

Rich Buckler's Marvel Team-Up #91

It's a great idea for a cover, but the execution is a BIT on the routine side. Not really as dynamic as you'd like...

Ron Wilson's Marvel Two-In-One #80

The Thing and Ghost Rider in a Death Race?


John Romita Jr.'s Peter Parker: Spider-Man #93

Nothing wrong with this cover, I just liked the other covers better.

5. James Fry's Slapstick #4

Come on, that's just funny!

4. Carmine Infantino's Human Fly #2

The Human Fly was a bike rider, so this match-up made a lot of sense, and this Infantino cover uses the connection to good effect.

3. Gil Kane's Marvel-Two-In One #8

It's the Thing and Ghost Rider traveling through time to the birth of Christ.

How could you possibly screw up a cover like that?

And seeing as it is Gil Kane, screwing up was unlikely anyways (although, yeah, his take on Ghost Rider's skull is a bit...interesting, to say the least).

2. Gil Kane's Marvel Team-Up #15

The amount of detail Kane put into this cover is striking, and yet it is not cluttered at all.

Impressive, dynamic cover in the classic Kane fashion.

1. Michael Golden's Defenders #96

The very first declaration Declarative Rabbit had was "The only Golden Rule is that Michael Golden rules."

The rabbit is smart.

That's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!!

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