Top Five Comic Book Rings

Let me throw Jeremy A. Patterson a bone, and have another...TOP FIVE WEEK (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far)!!!

Today (courtesy of Matthew E's suggestion), we'll take a look at the top five rings in comic books!!


Honorable Mentions

Cheers to Dan Larkin for reminding me of Benji Grimm, a teen who used his magic ring to transform into the Thing ("Thing ring, do your thing!").

Freedom Ring was interesting enough, even though it appears the idea was just to mess with the reader's head ("Look at the new gay hero! HA! He's DEAD! SUCKERS!").

5. Mandarin's rings

I think Mandarin was killed off in, like, 1994, with not many people much caring, so I can't have him that high, right?

4. Kryptonite ring

You know an idea is a good one when, like, seven different writers all work the idea of a kryptonite ring that Superman entrusted to Batman into their stories.

3. Flash's costume ring

It loses some points for not having a great explanation for how the costume gets back INTO the ring (and yes, I know there ARE explanations - but they are all bad)

2. Legion flight ring

You know a ring is cool when Legionnaires who don't even need it to fly all want one!

And it was used cleverly by Dan Jurgens as how Booster Gold can fly.

1. Green Lantern ring

The most awesome rings in comics, hands down!

I don't count Sinestro's rings separately, as they're basically just a subset of Green Lantern rings.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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