Top Five Comic Book Fictional Countries

Here they are, the top five countries invented for comic books!


Honorable mentions to Bialya, Kooey Kooey Kooey, Markovia, Qurac, Posidonis, The Savage Land and Madripoor.

5. Themyscira

Paradise Island is a pretty cool idea.

Where no man can set foot. Nice concept. It is too bad that whenever there is a big crossover, Themyscira is a target. Why WAS it a target in Infinite Crisis? Was it just revenge because Wonder Woman killed Maxwell Lord?

4. Genosha

The idea of a country filled with mutants being controlled by the minority humans is a neat little social commentary by Chris Claremont.

3. Australia

Hey, have you READ DC's Invasion!? This country they call "Australia" has GOT to be fictional! It looked nothing like any Australia I have ever read about!

2. Wakanda

Did you know Wakanda is the most awesomest country ever? Never been conquered! EVER! And they can cure all diseases! And yet, Marvel's Africa is in just as bad of a shape as the real Africa. How, exactly then, is Wakanda not ripped constantly for not giving more aid?

1. Latveria

Fictional countries have been around for as long as comic books have been around, but Latveria is the king of them all.

There have been sooo many classic stories set in Latveria. What's your favorite? Mine is Byrne's "THIS LAND IS MINE!"

Well, that's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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