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Top Five Comic Book Characters Who Debuted in Comic-Based Cartoons

by  in Comic News Comment
Top Five Comic Book Characters Who Debuted in Comic-Based Cartoons

Top Five Month (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) continues with a look at characters who debuted in cartoons based on comic books and were then brought over to the comic books that the cartoons were based on (in other words, not characters like Mickey, Donald or the Simpsons). Oh, and by “brought over to the comics,” I mean in the normal continuity, not cartoon tie-in comics.



Manitou Raven

Manitou Raven is BASICALLY Apache Chief from the Super Friends cartoon, but I don’t know if it is close enough to really call them the same character. To wit, I bet Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke are listed as the creators of Manitou Raven, ya know?

Wendy and Marvin

Geoff Johns did a clever job of making Wendy and Marvin geniuses known as the “Wonder Twins” for their brilliance. They helped out as tech support for Johns’ Titans for awhile. That was a clever idea. They weren’t used a lot, though, and soon after they were more or less written out when one of them was murdered and the other severely wounded by “Wonderdog” in a…well…let’s go with “ill-thought-out” reveal. Wendy, though, was “rescued” a bit by becoming a supporting character in Batgirl.

Batman (Terry McInnis)

Now that Terry is firmly a part of the DC Comics continuity, I bet he will rise on the list!


Again, if this character shows up more often, she could be higher on the list. She’s a good character.

5. X-23

She debuted in the X-Men: Evolution series and then was brought into the comics as a teenage prostitute (thankfully that was very brief – now she is a normal enough character).


This Human Torch fill-in has been a great straight man robot for Franklin Richards!

3. Firestar

This Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends character has been a longtime popular Marvel character.

2. Renee Montoya

Created as a supporting character for the classic Batman: The Animated Series, Montoya has become a stalwart member of the DC Universe.

1. Harley Quinn

One of the most famous characters from the Batman Animated Series, Harley Quinn has not lost a step in the transfer to comic books, becoming a very popular character (even having her own solo series for a number of years and currently co-starring in her own comic).

That’s the list! Agree? Disagree? Think that Lock-Up or Mercy Graves were good in the comics? Think Reptil has shown enough already to be on the list? Let me know!!

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