Top Five Characters With Magnetic Powers

This week's Top Five is the top five comic book characters who have magnetic powers!!!


5. Magenta

I really don't know how Frankie beat out some of the other notable magnetic powered characters, like Aura or Dr. Diehard.

I guess I liked her during Mark Waid's run on Flash.

4. Doctor Polaris

Check out that insane helmet!!!

Insane is the key word here, as Doctor Polaris had dual personalities, with the evil one becoming a supervillain.

He was "killed" in Infinite Crisis #1 by the Human Bomb.

3. Polaris

She has magnetic powers - just like Magneto.

She has the name Polaris - just like Polaris.

She has green hair - just like the Hulk.

Gee, when Polaris was introduced, she wasn't the most original of characters.

Luckily, though, she's an attractive woman with green hair and magnetic powers - so she's gone far!

And what a cool cover for her first appearance as Polaris, eh?

2. Magneto

He certainly is an important character in comic book history, and one of the biggest examples of "Don't you dare change him...from the changes you already did before I started reading the character" out there.

Magneto has a MUCH cooler helmet than Doctor Polaris.

1. Cosmic Boy

Cosmic Boy once had a costume with a big old-fashioned spaceman helmet on it.

He also had a costume that was practically flesh-colored, making him appear like he was running around naked.

And yet, he STILL managed to be a kickass leader for the Legion of Superheroes.

Sounds like a #1 choice to me!!

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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