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Top Five Characters Who Debuted in Tales of Suspense!

by  in Comic News Comment
Top Five Characters Who Debuted in Tales of Suspense!

Top Five Month (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) continues with a look at the top characters to have debuted in the pages of Tales of Suspense, including a brutal choice at #5 (if I had not sworn off ever using ties at #5, I would have gone with a tie).




Goom was introduced in a weird story, as a scientist’s call into outer space brings Goom to Earth where he causes a big stink. The scientist, though, is sure that any civilization that could hear his message HAD to be a good civilization (pretty big leap, no?), so he figures Goom must be a criminal. So he sends out a SECOND signal – he gets arrested for betraying Earth to an outright invasion, but it turns out he is completely correct.


Googam is awesome – he’s not the brightest monster in the world. He eventually became a member of Fin Fang Four, which is spectacular!!!


Elektro is one of the coolest members of Fin Fang Four

It, the Living Colossus

This character has been used an inordinate amount of times for such an obscure character. Heck, he just showed up a couple of months ago in some title (was it Deadpool Team-Up? What was it?).


He debuted in the previous issue, but #94 is his first cover appearance.

Edwin Jarvis

Not a cover appearance, but Jarvis does appear in this issue!! And if this list weren’t so packed, he’d be a definite top five contender.

Sharon Carter and Batroc, The Leaper

Two of the toughest omissions on the list. They debuted together in Tales of Suspense #75 (I show the cover of the next issue because they weren’t on the cover of 75).

Sharon Carter is an AWEsome character. Even better than Batroc. Ed Brubaker has done wonders with her, as did Mark Waid. But I dunno, I think that…

5. Pepper Potts (plus Happy Hogan)

probably ekes out Carter, especially following the Iron Man movies. It’s a really close call, though. They’re both great.

4. Mandarin

Iron Man’s #1 enemy definitely deserves a spot on the list.

3. Black Widow

Heck, a few more years and more cool Black Widow issues and maybe she can beat out…

2. Hawkeye

But probably not, as Hawkeye is awesome. Just ask Joe Rice. He will tell you how great Hawkeye is!

1. The Unicorn

This Communist villain was a wonderful addition to Iron Man’s Rogues Gallery.

Oh yeah, wait, I forgot…

1. Iron Man

Yeah, he deserves to be #1.

That’s the list! Are you a Pepper pusher or a Sharon supporter? Let me know!

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