Top Five Characters Created in Infinity Inc.

Top Five MONTH continues (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) with a look at the top five characters introduced in the pages of Roy Thomas' Infinity Inc.!



Dr. Mid-Nite II (Beth Chapel)

It's a bit disappointing to note how few black female superheroes there were when Dr. Mid-Nite II showed up in Infinity Inc. It's too bad she was a bit on the bland side of things (and that rather than have later writers do something with her, she was killed off).

5. Tigress II

Tigress is the daughter of the Golden Age Tigress and the Golden Age Sportsmaster. She was a member of the original Injustice Unlimited, and has fought the Infinintors (and the current JSA) on numerous occasions.

She's a nice, uncomplicated supervillain - perfect for villain groups!

4. Wildcat II

Yolanda Montez was a mutant who knew Ted Grant while growing up (he was her godfather). She then took his name when he was injured during Crisis. He was first pissed off that someone was using his name, until he realized it was his goddaughter, and then he was cool with it - proud, even.

She had mutant powers of well, cat-stuff. You know, your standard female feral powers (like, well, Feral).

She was sadly killed in the pages of Eclipso before Geoff Johns got a chance to do anything with her character.

3. Hourman II

Rick Tyler, however, lived long enough for Johns to work some of his revamp magic on him.

Originally, Rick was about as bland as you can get - he was just basically an updated version of his father, with an astonishingly ugly costume. He gained a bit of an edge when he thought he killed off the Wizard, and later on, it was revealed that Rick had developed cancer due to using Miraclo (the drug that gave both Hourmen their powers).

Eventually, though, Geoff Johns would do some cool stuff with Rick, giving him the ability to see one hour into the future and also giving him one hour to spend with his dad (who died fighting the villaint Extant during Zero Hour). That was a really neat twist.

Ultimately, both Hourmen were saved from death, and now, Rick is a member of the JSA and is married to his teammate, Jesse Chambers (Liberty Belle).

2. Icicle II

Icicle is another character who was given a nice revamp by Johns, but really, by "revamp," I mean we got to see his personality developed, and it is cool to see just a generally BAD guy. He is not driven by revenge, he is not driven by his father's legacy - he's just a generally bad person, and while he worked with the JSA when it served his purposes, he's not going to be someone who will ever reform. I liked the way Johns got into his head - good stuff.

He is currently dating Tigress II.

1. Mister Bones

Talk about a cool revamp!

Mister Bones was a decently cool character in Infinity Inc., especially when the bad guys forced him to use his "killer touch" to kill his own teammate, Skyman!!

However, it was Dan Curtis Johnson who did THIS revamp, as it was revealed that Bones, after the breakup of Infinity Inc., went on to become the head of the Department of Extranormal Operations, who deal with superhuman threats. He was a cool chaacter in that series (Chase), and Mark Andreyko is doing good work with him in Manhunter, too (where Manhunter works for him, as well). He has popped up more than a few times in JSA.

Great character revamp!

Okay, that's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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