Top Five Black Goliath Cover Appearances

Top Five Month (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) continues with a look at the characters that appeared on the most Black Goliath covers!


2 (tie). Mortag

Mortag was the last remnant of a once great alien civilization. He was built as a robotic safeguard to keep people from stealing from his master. Of course, his master was long dead by the time Black Goliath and his friends (an alien, Goliath's love interest and a little kid) were stranded on the abandoned planet looking for a way to get home.

Mortag killed an alien friend of Goliath (while Goliath was off getting some action with his friend Celia - not good, Goliath, not good!) and then Goliath had to fight him.

Goliath and Mortag tangled, and Goliath's friend Celia distracted Mortag long enough for Goliath to take him out (aided by a handy nearby circuitboard).

Luckily, before dying, Goliath's alien friend had found a way for Goliath and the other to return home.

2 (tie). Vulcan

Vulcan is quite simply just a superstrong hunchback who robbed some stuff from Bill Foster (Black Goliath)'s job once and got away.

That's about as far as he got.

He probably should be behind Mortag, but then again, Mortag is just a robot.

2 (tie). Atom-Smasher

Atom-Smasher actually lasted PAST Black Goliath, as he showed up in Marvel Two-in-One, although his brother ended up taking over the name (odd, no?).

Atom-Smasher was the closest Bill Foster had to an arch-nemesis. And it was after a battle with Atom-Smasher that Bill first met Celia!

So why isn't Atom-Smasher #2?

2 (tie). Stilt Man

Because Stilt Man is awesome, that's why!

You know a book is in trouble when it brings in star-studded guest stars like Stilt Man!

Man, Stilt Man was so awesome. Why did they kill him off again?

1. Black Goliath

Black Goliath appeared in 100% of all the Black Goliath covers! Shocking, no?

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