Top Five Best X-Men/Magneto Fights

Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I've one over the years.

Saturday's all right for fighting, so let's look at the top five X-Men/Magneto fights!

NOTE: It's surprising how relatively few great Magneto/X-Men fights there were. The famous Savage Land arc from Roy Thomas and Neal Adams, for instance, has a pretty weak resolution from a fight standpoint (excellent overall arc, though).

5. X-Men (Volume 2) #113

So the Legacy Virus is now cured and Genosha has become one of the most powerful nations on the planet and Magneto is in charge. He is preparing to declare war on humanity. Only a small group of X-Men can stop him, but things look bad when he seemingly kills one of the team members, Dazzler, early on.

But then the tide turns when Cyclops and Wolverine show up to help...

Scott Lobdell, Leinil Francis Yu and multiple inkers handled this story.

4. X-Men (Volume 2) #25

So Magneto has returned and he is scaring the world, so they try out a force field to surround Earth to keep Magneto up on his asteroid home. Well, he then cracks that force field and the electro magnetic pulse wreaks havoc around the world. So Xavier decides that enough is enough and takes a small strike force to Magneto's home base to end things once and for all...

Fabian Nicieza, Andy Kubert and Matt Ryan were the creative team on the issue.

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