Top Five Best Wolverine/Sabretooth Fights

Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I've one over the years.

I'm in a bit of a "fighting" mood at the moment, so expect another fight-related top five tomorrow. Today, we look at the top five best Wolverine/Sabretooth comic book fights...


Wolverine #301

I liked this Jason Aaron/Billy Tan/Jason Keith as almost a sort of meta-commentary - Wolverine IS "always" going to win this fight.

5. Uncanny X-Force #34

This is a bit of a tricky one. You might argue that this doesn't count as a fight, in which case just bump Wolverine #301 up a spot, but I think it counts, it's just a bit outside the standard type of Wolverine/Sabretooth "fights." In this one, Wolverine's son, Daken, leads a team of former foes of the various members of Uncanny X-Force (including Sabretooth) against each other in a sort of piece of psychological warfare, to see if they can't drive Evan, the clone of Apocalypse that Fantomex was trying to prove could break free from his genetics, into becoming a killer.

They seemingly fail and Wolverine is driven to having to kill his own son in a puddle of shallow water (one of the only surefire ways to kill someone like Wolverine is to drown him).

In the end, though, we discover that this was ALL one big attempt by Sabretooth to get at Wolverine by manipulating Daken against Wolverine...

That's pretty darn messed up. Strong work by Rick Remender and Phil Noto.

4. Wolverine #10 (Vol. 1)

This is the issue (by Chris Claremont and the fascinating art mix of John Buscema inked by Bill Sienkiewicz) where we learn that Sabretooth comes to mess with Wolverine on Wolverine's birthday every year. It is set up by a flashback where Sabretooth kills Wolverine's then-girlfriend, Silver Fox, and Wolverine is driven to the limit, finally proving himself in Sabretooth's eyes when Wolverine decides to take them both out (it doesn't work, of course, but it was the though that counted)...

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