Top Five Best Supervillains From The Past Ten Years

Who are the top five best supervillains who were created in the past ten years? Let's find out! But first, some ground rules - they have to be NEW creations, and totally new, not "The NEW Green Goblin" or "The NEW Doctor Octopus" or anything like that.


Prometheus JUST barely misses out of the top five, mostly due to the horrible mismanagement of the cool character after he left the pen of Grant Morrison.

5. Quentin Quire

Basically, Quentin Quire is an example of a post-modern X-Men student who, well, just didn't WANT to be a good guy, and used all of his power and intelligence to do whatever he wanted.

You always encourage us to dream sir, I just wondered what you would think if we had a dream you didn't like.

The idea of a super-powerful, anarchistic petulant teenage villain is quite clever, I think.

4. The General

Yes, General Wade Eiling had existed before this, and so did the Shaggy Man, but "The General" really had absolutely nothing to do with either character, as Eiling was just a name Morrison seemed to pick out of a hat, as Eiling never acted like this before (although I guess you can blame the brain tumor for that).

Still, the idea of an evil General inhabiting an indestructable body? That's an awesome idea.

3. Queen of Fables

The Queen of Fables might not have lived up to her promise just yet, but the promise surely IS there, as the idea of an evil sorceress from another dimension who came to Earth and messed everything up, until she was trapped in a Book of Fables, and all the evil she did was turned into fiction? Then that lady freeing herself from the book then being able to attack people with all the powers of fables?

That is just brilliant.

2. Alexander Lukin

Ed Brubaker's Captain America got off to a grand start, as we see Red Skull planning for some major bad-guy behavior - until he is assasinated by someone else.

That someone else is Alexander Lukin, a Russian General who turns out to have been behind capturing Bucky Barnes and turning him into the Winter Soldier.

That, in and of itself (and his use of the Cosmic Cube to make him the head of a powerful corporation, rather than an evil terrorist group that Captain America can go beat up) is a cool idea.

However, we also learn that, since the Skull was near the Cosmic Cube when he was killed, he had enough power left to be stuck inside Lukin's head!!

The two of them now are uneasy allies in evil.

It's a great bit of work by Brubaker.

1. Cassandra Nova

1. An evil being that exists only on the astral plane finds the infant mind of Charles Xavier.

2. The being then uses his powerful mind to create a body for itself in his womb, but in doing so, awakens the fetus of Charles Xavier, who instinctively kills her in the womb

3. She escapes, though, as basically slime, and over the years, eventually builds herself back up to a real body, and then gets her revenge on Charles Xavier, by:

4. Getting Sentinels to kill 16 million mutants on Genosha

5. Switching minds with Xavier, then outing him as a mutant

6. Taking control of the Shi'ar Empire and practically destroying it

And now, she's back, doing all sorts of nasty stuff again, with Emma Frost.

She is all sorts of cool, and the #1 supervillain created in the past ten years.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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