Top Five Best Superhero Marriages

I did my top five worst superhero marriages, so here are the top five best (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far)!


5. Jay and Joan Garrick

Joan Garrick is a cool character, someone who was around during the 40s so that when it was revealed that she and Jay married, we at least knew who she WAS!

She and Jay have been strong characters for a long time, but really, they're just background characters.

4. Alan and Molly Scott

Alan Scott's wife, Molly Mayne, used to be Harlequinn, a "supervillain" during the Golden Age. She later reformed and married Alan.

Their relationship is especially interesting because Alan was de-aged at one point in the 90s, and their marriage managed to stay put (although Mayne ended up selling her soul to Neron to be de-aged as well) until Alan was returned to his original age.

3. Katar and Shayera Hol

This marriage was so cool that it led to the first hero in the JLA with duplicate powers of another member, when Hawkgirl joined up.

Hawkgirl was a really cool character.

2. Reed and Sue Richards

Probably the most prominent married couple in all of comics, and perhaps the only prominent married couple that no one complains about, Reed and Sue Richards have been a longstanding pillar of comic book marriages everywhere.

The only reason they're not #1 is because of all those silly separations that come from being a more prominent superhero couple, which leads to the #1 couple...

1. Ralph and Sue Dibny

It's hard to believe that these two WEREN'T married when we first met Elongated Man!

Soon, though, they were - and we got the awesome superhero Nick and Nora Charles, an awesome set-up that, sadly, was destroyed by Identity Crisis.

Que sera, sera, though.

Now they're the GHOSTS of Nick and Nora, which is better than nothing, I suppose...

Well, that's the list!

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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