Top Five Best Name Changes

Often, superheroes will change their name for whatever reason (usually because someone else is using their other name). Almost always, the new names are yoooge drop-offs in quality from their original names.

Sometimes, though, the new names are upgrades - here are the five best as Top Five Month continues (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far)!



I like Oracle, but I dunno if it is even better of a name than Batgirl.

5. Giant-Man

If there is a hero named Goliath who can grow to the size of a goliath, and a black guy takes over the identity, probably not a good idea to just name him Black Goliath.

Luckily, Marvel realized how weird it was quickly enough, and changed his name to Black Giant-Man. Okay, not that, just Giant-Man.

It was a good change (later on, Bill Foster became just plain' ol Goliath, like he should have initially).

4. Arsenal

Honestly, while I get that Arsenal is a bit too kewl of a name to fit in with the JLA, I think I like it better than Red Arrow. Arsenal has a little more style to it, and certainly is more unique.

Both of them, however, are huge improvements on Speedy.

3. Major Victory

This was a major improvement on just going by Vance Astro.

What a clever idea by Jim Valentino. He did some good stuff on Guardians of the Galaxy.

2. Invisible Woman

It is amazing, in retrospect, how long it was before her name was finally changed.

Good on John Byrne for finally doing it!

People have accepted the new name like it was meant to be, which is nice (Marvel Woman would never had worked).

1. Shadowcat

Ariel and Sprite actually aren't awful names, and to be honest, just her actual name, Kitty Pryde, is probably the best of the bunch, but for a character who took a long time coming up with a steady codename, Shadowcat was a great final choice.

That's the list!

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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