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Top Five Best Apocalypse’s Deaths

by  in Comic News Comment
Top Five Best Apocalypse’s Deaths

Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I’ve one over the years.

One of Apocalypse’s neatest tricks over the years has been turning established characters into his Horseman, most famously his Horseman of Death. So here are the top five characters who Apocalypse has turned into his Horseman of Death…



Gambit’s tenure as Apocalypse’s Death was one of his most embarrassing moments in comics.

His look by Salvador Larroca was also pretty embarrassing…

Plus his new “make noxious gas” power…


The Apocalypse Twins put together FOUR Horsemen of Death in the pages of Uncanny Avengers. I don’t think that really counts for this, as they’re not really “the” Apocalypse, so they don’t count…

Similarly, when Archangel sort of took over for Apocalypse, he made Psylocke his Horseman of Death. Same concept – it really doesn’t seem to count to me if it is not Apocalypse directly behind it…

During the Age of Apocalypse, Apocalypse still had his Four Horseman, but by the time that the Age of Apocalypse crossover began (which was twenty years after Apocalypse had declared war on humanity), he had stopped differentiating between the Horsemen. My guess would be that Holocaust was the Horseman of Death, but it is unclear.

5. Maximus

In Tales from the Age of Apocalypse #1, Scott Lobdell, Ralph Macchio, Joe Bennett and Joe Pimentel delivered a tale showing how Blink and Sunfire came to be with the X-Men and how Maximus’ tenure as Death came to an end…

4. Sanjar Javeed

In Uncanny X-Force #3 by Rick Remender, Jerome Opena and Dean White, we meet the “Final Horsemen,” people Apocalypse and his servant Ozymandias have been collecting from around the globe for centuries and then keeping in reserve. They are now activated. Sanjar Javeed was one of them…

He is later killed by Deathlok. Archangel elevated Psylocke to take his place.

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