Top Five Batman Girlfriends

The man DOES get around! Grant Morrison recently introduced a new girlfriend into Batman's life, Jezebel Jet. I'd say she is far too new to make Batman's top five girlfriends, but she does give us a good opportunity TO examine Batman's top five girlfriends in the Batman comic books over the years.


I say Sasha and Talia do not count as girlfriends. He and Sasha never really got involved, and Talia was strictly a fling thing.


Does Linda Page even merit mentioning?

JUST missing the list is super plot-device, Shondra Kinsolving. She showed up right before Knightfall, then was basically a DOUBLE deus ex machina. First, she was a reason for Bruce to leave Gotham, so as to facilitate Jean Paul Valley's descent into madness (Bruce had to rescue her) AND she was the reason he healed (she had healing powers - out of nowhere).

Heck, her name should have been Shondra Plot-Problems-Solving!

5. Vesper Fairchild

Vesper is not much better than Shondra, but while she was also fairly annoying, she was not there for a plot device, originally. Until Greg Rucka brought her back to the book specifically to kill her off AS a plot device, but that's neither her nor there.

When she was in the book as a real character (under Doug Moench), she was a pretty interesting foil to Bruce.

4. Vicki Vale

Poor Vicki.

I do not think that she ever really got enough to do in the books. I think Alan Grant was wise to write her out of the title when he did. Still, she's a fine character, just not used to her fullest as Bruce's girlfriend.

3. Silver St. Cloud

I really liked her as Bruce's girlfriend, but I thought her whole dilemma over Bruce as Batman was a bit much.

I liked her in Dark Detective, though.

The late, great Marshall Rogers sure drew her beautifully, didn't he?

2. Catwoman

I think Bruce and Selina have such good chemistry, plus the whole "good guy/bad woman" thing works really well. That said, sometimes, it seems like they're put together more because they're big names, and less because they actually belong together.

1. Julie Madison

I think Julie Madison just flat-out rocks. Is there anything actually WRONG with her?

That's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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