Top Five Batman Costumes

Here are the top five costumes worn by Batman regularly in the comics (so no movies, TV shows or one-off costumes)!


First, a dishonorable mention.

My pal Jake remarked that even before he was the Editor-in-Chief of Marvel, Joe Quesada apparently had it in for DC.

5. 1940-1960s

I am not a fan of this Batman costume, as the chest symbol is just a bit too bland for my tastes.

Although, I'll admit, by the time the 60s came around, there basically was no difference between this one and the one that followed it, save the yellow oval.

4. 1960s-1990s

But what can I say, I like the yellow oval better!

I think it was the existence of the oval (and also the more experimental time period as a whole) that led to artists trying to do some more creative things with the costume. Slowly, the grey in the costume was a bit darker, so was the blue.

The cape also got longer.

It was a good look.

3. 1939

I like the original look, with its almost functional cape and the far creepier look that the mask gives.

THIS is what a guy would wear if he wanted to strike fear in the hearts of criminals!!

2. 2000s

This current look is basically an updated 1940s costume, but the update is a stronger one. Darker colors works really well for Batman, I think, so I dig the darker grey and the darker blue.

1. Mid-to-late 1990s

The 90s were a time of some ugggggly costumes, but they were also a time of nice looking streamlined, like Tim Drake's Robin outfit.

This Batman costume was a good one, I thought.

The idea of BLACK for the shirt and pants was a genius idea, and I loved the loss of the underwear on the outside.

Overall, it was a sleek, dynamic look - and the dark suit makes the yellow oval pop out even more so.

Very cool.

I found a Brian Stelfreeze cover that better shows the new outfit (it's not a great COVER, but it is a good description of the costume).

I dig it.

Sleek black with no outer underwear, but the bright yellow oval still existing for contrast purposes.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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