Top Cow's "V.I.C.E." Debuts In October

Official Press Release

Top Cow Productions' V.I.C.E.-Violent Incident Control Enforcement-is a new ongoing series debuting in October. Acclaimed TV writer Aron Coleite (Crossing Jordan) crosses over into comics and is joined by artist Tyler Kirkham (Darkness/Superman) in an action-packed, unapologetic drama. The agents of V.I.C.E. are super powered FBI agents, charged with bringing down domestic terrorists and the worst of all possible superhuman threats.

The V.I.C.E. agents are not without their own flaws, but they all must overcome their own personal problems to act as the last line of defense against world-shaking threats. "V.I.C.E. has the spirit of great team books, but it's also the next evolution," said Top Cow Managing Editor /VP of Publishing Renae Geerlings. "This is one of the darkest of team books, and one of the darkest of dramas, with even the 'good guys' coming across a bit shady."

"I'm having a great time collaborating with Aron on this project," said artist Tyler Kirkham. "It's exciting to see writers from other mediums cross over to take on the world of comics, and bring fresh ideas in."

V.I.C.E. #1 hits stands October 2005. Following the hit series Hunter-Killer, the sold out Freshmen, and the critically acclaimed Necromancer, V.I.C.E. is the newest edition of the new wave of titles coming from Top Cow Productions this year, the latter two being co-created by Matt Hawkins. For a preview of the first pages of V.I.C.E. #1, please go to http://www.topcow.com/comics/461/issue. For more information, please visit www.topcow.com or visit your nearest retailer.

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