Top Cow's "The Darkness: Accursed" TPB available for $4.99

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"The Darkness: Accursed"

In an effort to reach out to new and lapsed readers and retailers of The Darkness, Top Cow Productions, Inc. announced it will be offering the upcoming THE DARKNESS: ACCURSED Vol. 1 trade paperback for the discounted price of $4.99.

The Darkness: Accursed Vol. 1 will contain the initial storyline by current series writer Phil Hester (Green Arrow, Firebreather) and artist Michael Broussard (Unholy Union). The six-issue story, entitled “Empire,” kicks off the third and most current volume of The Darkness, which Hester took over writing in December 2007. It is an ideal jumping-on point for readers interested in discovering the modern Darkness series. The collection will also contain a cover gallery featuring pieces by Dale Keown and Stjepan Sejic.

“The Darkness: Accursed Vol. 1 represents not only a fresh start for new readers, but a dramatic turn of events for longtime fans of the book or the video game,” explained Phil Hester. “You don’t need to know every last detail of Jackie Estacado’s past. If you ever played the game or read the book and imagined yourself in Jackie’s shoes, as I have, this storyline is a logical extension of those thoughts. And if you’re simply looking for blood-spattered mayhem, sexy femme fatales, gritty crime, plus a dose of existential horror, we got that, too!”

Anyone who is apprehensive about picking up this book because they think have to read up on past Darkness issues, no need to worry. “Jackie is no longer content being a hitman for the mob, or even the boss of a family,” said Hester. “With a newfound understanding of his power, the sky’s the limit. So he goes south to a banana republic that will offer only token resistance to see just how far he can get with his powers turned up to eleven. Plus, it’s all lavishly illustrated by the (IMHO) MVP of Top Cow, Michael Broussard.”

To make the book even more appealing for readers, Top Cow’s aggressive introductory pricing for Volume 1 will be available exclusively in comic shops for the retail price of only $4.99. The book market version will carry the regular $9.99 SRP on the cover. This follows Top Cow’s introductory offering of the Witchblade Vol. 1: Witch Hunt trade paperback in January 2008 also at $4.99 in comic shops ($9.99 in bookstores).

“Just like we did when Ron Marz first took over writing Witchblade, we want to reward longtime readers of The Darkness and at the same time entice new readers to come and check out Phil Hester’s storytelling, and you just can’t beat $4.99 for six, full-color quality issues of a comic series,” proclaimed Top Cow VP Marketing and Sales Mel Caylo.

“$4.99? How do I get paid here?” chimed in Hester. “Honestly, I think I may buy a few dozen at that price and hoard the things.”

The Darkness: Accursed Vol. 1 is slated for release in November 2008. It features an original cover drawn by Michael Broussard and colored by Steve Firchow.

To order any of the trade paperbacks mentioned above, submit the following Diamond item numbers to your favorite retailer:

SEP082279 — Darkness: Accursed Vol. 1

NOV072077 — Witchblade Vol. 1: Witch Hunt

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