Top Cow Productions Inc. is proud to announce that Croatia-based Witchblade artist Stjepan Sejic will make his North American convention debut at New York Comic-Con 2008!

Eager to meet his U.S.-based fans, the artist will appear at the Top Cow booth (#1506) for several autograph signings, sketchings, and will also perform on the Variant Stage on the show floor to demonstrate how he produces his unique and stunning art.

“Witchblade, Broken Trinity, and more…there are exciting times ahead for the Cow,” said Sejic as he prepared for his first transcontinental flight. “I hope you join us, and if you want to get on my good side, please offer my wife and I coffee!” he laughed.

Sejic will appear at the Top Cow booth (#1506) at New York Comic-Con on Friday, April 18 from 6 - 7:15 p.m., Saturday, April 19 from 4:30 - 6 p.m., and Sunday, April 20 from 2:30 - 4 p.m. He will demonstrate his art technique on the Variant Stage on Saturday from 1 - 2 p.m.

About Top Cow Productions Inc.

Top Cow Productions, Inc. (http://www.topcow.com), a Los Angeles-based entertainment company, was founded in December of 1992 by artist Marc Silvestri, who also co-founded Image Comics earlier that same year. Top Cow currently publishes its line of comic books in 21 languages in over 55 different countries. The company has launched 20 franchises (18 original and two licensed) in the industry’s Top 10, seven at #1, a feat accomplished by no other publisher in the last two decades. Its flagship franchise, Witchblade, was TNT’s #1 original film of 2000 and the subsequent TV series is set for release on DVD on July 29, 2008. Witchblade is also the first American property to be fully adapted in Japan as an original anime and manga by Studio GONZO in 2006. Top Cow’s other flagship property, The Darkness, was developed into a major next-generation video game release by Starbreeze and 2K Games and achieved platinum sales status. Wanted, an Eisner-nominated miniseries published by Top Cow from 2003-2005, is currently in production as a major motion picture from Universal Pictures starring Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy, and Morgan Freeman and slated for wide release on June 27, 2008. Virtually all of Top Cow’s other properties are in development as feature films, live-action television, animation or video games. Top Cow has also successfully licensed and merchandised its franchises into toys, statues, clothing, lithographs, puppets, posters, magnets, shot glasses, lighters, lunch pails, wall scrolls, mouse pads, die-cast cars, calendars, Christmas ornaments, Halloween masks, trading cards, standees, video games, and roleplaying games.

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