Top Cow's "Family Affair" Gets Script Commitment

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that an adaptation of the upcoming Top Cow series "Family Affair" has received a script commitment from CBS. The untitled drama will be based on the series by J.P. Lavin, Chad Damiani and Top Cow President/COO Matt Hawkins.

The show already has a strong tie to the source material, as comic writers Lavin and Damiani will also pen the script for the CBS pilot. The series will focus on four secret agents as they go deep undercover in the suburbs as a happy family in order to track down criminals. As they bust suburban crooks, the unlikely quartet's bonds will move from professional to familial.

Hawkins and Top Cow CEO and founder Marc Silvestri will co-executive produce. Shane Brennan, who currently serves as showrunner for "NCIS: Los Angeles," will serve as a non-writing executive producer. Stephen Crawford and Grant Anderson will executive produce.

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