Top Cow Unveils 2005 TPB Schedule

Official Press Release

With double-digit growth over the last two years in its trade paperback publishing business, Top Cow is aggressively expanding its output in 2005. Combining previously published volumes with new content and soliciting completely new volumes, Top Cow is overhauling its program to feature more competitive pricing and better spine design.

"We've always had a strong presence with our trade paperbacks and the occasional original graphic novel," says Top Cow President/C.O.O. Matt Hawkins, "but we're literally doubling output in 2005. We've sold out recently of a number of Top Cow previously printed trades and this has afforded us the opportunity to bring old content in line with our new program. Combining old trades with additional content will slightly alter volume numbers for Witchblade and Darkness. We've included the updated list below."

Top Cow's 2005 Trade Schedule:


Witchblade: Revelations Vol 2

Darkness: Original Sins Vol 3

*Replaces former Darkness Vol 3: Spear of Destiny (#15-#18) trade and adds (#19-#25)




Wanted Hardcover

Rising Stars Vol 3


Rising Stars Deluxe Hardcover

Witchblade Vol 4


Marc Silvestri: A Tale of Art and Revolution soft cover.

Battle of the Planets Digest Vol 3


Wanted Soft cover


Darkness Vol 3 ½


Witchblade Vol 5


Darkness Vol 5


Rising Stars Vol 4



November – (10th Anniversary for Witchblade)

Witchblade Vol 8

Witchblade Vol 9


Hunter Killer Vol 1

New Volume Breakdowns:


Vol 1 - Origins (#1-#8)

Vol 2 - Revelations (new printing including Family Ties) (#9-#17)

Vol 3 - Prevailing (#18-#25)

Vol 4 - collecting (#26-#39) untitled

Vol 5 - collecting (#40-#53) untitled

Vol 6 - Obakemono

Vol 7 - Blood Relations (#54-#58)

Vol 8 - Endgame (#59-#69) + Evo 1 and Tomb Raider 25

Vol 9 - Death Pool (#70-#79)

Vol 10 - #80 + (collecting first couple Marz/Choi story arcs)


Vol 1 - Coming of Age (#1-#6)

Vol 2 - Heart of Darkness (#7, #8, #11-#14)

Vol 3 - Original Sin (#15-#25)

Vol 3 ½ - (#26-#39) + Darkness/Witchblade & Witchblade/Darkness

Vol 4 - Resurrection

Vol 5 - (#7-#16) untitled

Vol 6 - #17+ two David Lapham story arcs

Top Cow was founded in December of 1992 and currently publishes its line of comic books in 21 languages in over 55 different countries. The company has launched 20 franchises (18 original and 2 licensed) in the industry's Top 10, seven at #1, a feat accomplished by no other publisher in the last two decades. Its flagship franchise Witchblade was TNT's #1 original film of 2000. Virtually all of Top Cow's other properties are in development as feature films, live action television, animation or video games. Top Cow has also successfully licensed and merchandised its franchises into toys, statues, clothing, lithographs, puppets, posters, magnets, shot glasses, lighters, lunch pails, wall scrolls, mouse pads, die cast cars, calendars, Christmas ornaments, Halloween masks, trading cards, standees, video games and role playing games.

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