Top Cow Releases Full Details for Talent Hunt 2017

Top Cow Productions is once again on the hunt for a few good writers and artists.

The Image Comics partner studio's Talent Hunt will return this June for its fifth installment, with its initial phase running through Aug. 15. Past winners include "Postal" artist Isaac Goodhart and "Magdalena" writer Tini Howard, and CBR has the first details on this year's competition, directly from Top Cow President and Chief Creative Officer Matt Hawkins.

"Every year I saw the Talent Hunt will be the last one, because it takes so much time and energy... and then I see the excitement of the winners getting their first work published," Hawkins told CBR. "I see creators like Tini Howard, Isaac Goodhart and others grow into tours de force in the industry and it makes me smile. If I can give someone a leg up, I'm going to try. This is a hard industry to break into, I'm thankful to Rob Liefeld and the Image guys for giving me so many chances, I like to return the favor for the next generations."

The Top Cow Talent Hunt seeks one writer and artist -- who have not yet been published by a major comics publisher -- to contribute to the publisher in 2018 or 2019. The first phase runs through June 1 to Aug. 15; following that, each entrant will receive a paragraph of feedback by Oct. 15. Writers and artists have until Dec. 15 to revise their entries based on that feedback, after which winners will be chosen. Entrants can also elect to skip the feedback phase and submit by Dec. 15.

One runner-up writer and one runner-up artist will also be chosen, who will receive the opportunity to write and illustrate a short story.

Last year's Talent Hunt had 512 writer submissions and 389 artist submissions, which Hawkins noted to CBR is down from previous years -- about 20 percent for writers, and 40 percent for artists. He made it clear he's hoping to see some "new blood" in the Talent Hunt this year -- which has a new twist.

"The main difference this year is that the submissions will be for the Edenverse," Hawkins said. "So writer stories will be in the world of 'Postal' (V1-5), 'The Tithe' (V1-V2), 'Samaritan,' 'Eden's Fall' and 'Think Tank.'"

Artists will need to submit illustrations of five pages from either "Postal" #9 (introduction of the character Molly) or "Postal" #16 (finale of the Aryan Brotherhood arc).

Full rules, a submission form and scripts for both "Postal" issues are available via this link. Upon launch in June, CBR's forum will host the official discussion and Q&A thread for the Top Cow Talent Hunt.

"Magdalena" #2 cover by Christian DiBari.
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