Top Cow Previews: "Hunter-Killer," "Cyberfoce" & More

Top Cow has provided CBR News with preview images from August 30th shipping titles "Hunter-Killer" #7, "Cyberforce" #5 and "City of Heroes" #15. Simply click the images below to enlarge.

Hunter-Killer #7

(W) Mark Waid

(P) Eric Basaldua

(Col) Steve Firchow

(Cov) Jim Lee or Marc Silvestri

Special guest penciler Eric Basaldua (Darkness/Vampirella) lays in as the origins of Morningstar and the Hunter-Killer project are laid bare! And the revelations will have you poring over your back issues to find all the clues and hints that have been laid! Whatever you do, don't miss this issue-the Czar Obscura commands it!

Full color 32 pages $2.99 ongoing series

Two covers available by Jim Lee or Marc Silvestri! Have your retailer reserve your favorite!

Cyberforce #5

(W) Ron Marz

(P) Pat Lee

(Col) Dream Engine

(Cov) Pat Lee

Top talents Ron Marz (Green Lantern, Witchblade) and Pat Lee (Darkminds) have made Cyberforce their own! The first story arc of the new Cyberforce revs toward its conclusion, but the reunion might be over before it's barely begun. Trapped on the alien mothership as it nears Earth, Cyberforce must find a way to defeat the super-powered aliens who served as their genetic "parents." Should the team fail, it means certain death for not only them, but for planet Earth as well!

Full Color 32 Pages $2.99 Ongoing Series

City of Heroes #15

(W) David Wohl

(A) Ronan Cliquet

(Cov) David Nakayama

As the Banished Pantheon's plan nears completion, the Freedom Phalanx and Foreshadow's team must join forces with the CIRCLE OF THORNS in an attempt to avert a disaster of biblical proportions. But are they already too late? And what role does the mysterious goddess Tielekku play in this? Read this action-packed issue and find out!

Full color 32 pages $2.99

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