Top Cow offering 'Genius' 'zero issue' for free on comiXology

With Genius #1, by Marc Bernardin, Adam Freeman and Afua Richardson, going on sale Wednesday, Top Cow Productions is offering the "zero issue" -- the 2008 Pilot Season one-shot -- for free on comiXology.

Arriving weekly throughout August, the five-issue miniseries follows teenager Destiny Ajaye, the greatest military mind of her generation, who unites the gangs of South Central Los Angeles and secedes three square blocks of her neighborhood from the United States."She's drawing a line in the sand," Bernardin recently told Comic Book Resources. "She's making a statement in the most hard-to-ignore way possible. 'This is not good enough.' To her, change only comes through force -- especially if the people in control have nothing to gain from that change. And she wants to prove to her neighborhood that they are worth more than life would have them believe. They can make people notice. By putting aside their differences they can change the world. Their world, anyway."

You can check out a preview of Wednesday's Genius #1 on CBR.

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