Top Cow holiday specials join forces to form one super-mega special

Last week Jingle Belle creator Paul Dini said on Twitter that the previously solicited Jingle Belle special for this year was canceled, but the content would be combined with the Top Cow Holiday Special.

"Low preorders necessitated the Jing titles to be combined into the Top Cow special," he later told an inquiring fan. "Ironically preorders shot up after that."

According to Top Cow, the two former single issues, along with a lot of other material, will now be one graphic novel.

"Jingle Belle and the Top Cow Holiday Special (both single issues) were combined this year and will appear as the Top Cow Holiday Special OGN," said Top Cow's Christine Dinh. "It'll be a flip book of both new issues."

The graphic novel will arrive in stores Dec. 22, just in time for Christmas. Dinh said the 96-page OGN will retail at $12.99 and will include the content from The Top Cow Holiday Special #1, Jingle Belle: Grounded #1, the previously released Jingle Belle: Santa Claus vs Frankenstein, a 4-page preview of Marc Silvestri's new project September Mourning and additional bonus material. You can check out a preview of some of the Jingle Belle artwork here.

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