Top Cow & Heroes and Villains Offer $1 Digital "Bushido" #1, Print Edition in October

Official Press Release

Heroes and Villains Entertainment and Top Cow Productions proudly announce BUSHIDO: THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR #1, the first chapter of a five-part miniseries that will pit samurais against vampires in feudal Japan. Written by skillful scribe Rob Levin (NETHERWORLD, BROKEN TRINITY: PANDORA'S BOX) and featuring breathtaking artwork by Jessada Sutthi and the awesome team at Studio HIVE, BUSHIDO takes action-packed genre to a whole new level.

BUSHIDO tells the story of a young boy who is the sole survivor of a shipwreck following his parents' murder by a horde of bloodthirsty vampires. Isamu, a decorated samurai and head of the Shogun's Guard, takes the boy in, renames him Kichiro, and raises him alongside his own son in Bushido, the way of the warrior.

Years later, when Kichiro is mistakenly sentenced to death for a murder he did not commit, he is forced to escape the island. But when the vampires return to invade Japan, hell-bent on conquering the country, it is Kichiro alone who holds the secret to defeating them. As the samurai prepare for war, Kichiro must rise above all to rescue the woman he loves and save his adopted homeland from certain annihilation.

In this epic tale full of love, honor and betrayal, only Kichiro's way will triumph. And his way is BUSHIDO: THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR.

The full miniseries will be released monthly via comiXology, and in print in October 2013. The first issue is now available for digital download for just $1.00.

For more information visit http://www.heroesandvillains-ent.com/ and http://www.topcow.com

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