Top Cow Productions Will Adapt the Game Warframe into a Comic Series

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The video game Warframe will soon be getting an expansion – in the form of a comic book series set to be published by Top Cow Productions. Developer Digital Extremes announced the series today ahead of the planned second annual Warframe fan convention TennoCon 2017.

The Warframe comic book series will span five issues and will explore locations and characters new to the franchise. The series will be co-written by Top Cow's president and chief operating officer Matt Hawkins and Magdalena's Ryan Cady, and illustrated by Studio Hive.

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“I was immediately attracted to Warframe because of its storyline,” Hawkins said in a press release. “For a writer, it’s a very fertile place to create something fresh, from the mysterious Tenno origins to the faction battles to the Grineer Queens and more. It’s a fantastic universe where I have lost many late night hours playing the game.”

Warframe is an online cooperative action game that centers around the mysterious Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who wake from hypersleep to find the universe embroiled in an expansive series of conflicts that players are forced to confront as the game advances. The eponymous Warframes refer to the characters players inhabit; cybernetic combat chassis that vary in appearance and abilities.

The Warframe comic series will follow a Warframe named Excalibur on his quest to protect a blinded girl after her village is destroyed. The Excalibur Warframe is already present in the game, and is a melee-focused class that receives damage bonuses when attacking with a sword. According to the press release from Digital Extremes, the comic series will hint at future updates for the game.

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This is not the first time Top Cow and Digital Extremes have teamed to adapt a franchise. Digital Extremes developed The Darkness II in 2007, a video game adaptation of Top Cow's The Darkness comic book series about a Mafia hitman who is endowed with hellish powers on his 21st birthday. Additionally, Top Cow published a comic book prequel for Digital Extremes' Dark Sector video game in 2007.

Additional details about the comic series will be presented at TennoCon 2017 at the London Convention Center in London, Ontario on July 8. Hawkins will present a panel titled "Making of the First Warframe Comic." Convention attendees will get the chance to pick up the first issue, an opportunity that will be repeated for Comic-Con International: San Diego and New York Comic Con attendees.

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