Top Cow, Conan, Aspen news and more from Wizard World: LA

Top Cow, Conan, Aspen news and more from Wizard World: LAAt Wizard World: Los Angeles Saturday, Top Cow made a smattering of announcements including Dale Keown's "Pitt" taking on the Top Cow Universe, the new series "Proximity Effect" with a non-traditional method of publication, Tony Daniels next series and more. In other news, Aspen Comics dishes the latest on their titles, healthy interest in Dark Horse's "Conan" and Diamond's Steve Geppi recuperating.

Top Cow made a handful of announcements during their panel at Wizard World: Los Angeles today.

[Proximity Effect]First off, Dale Keown will return to his creation the Pitt in a new title called, "Pitt vs. the Top Cow Universe" (title tentative) coming late this year or early 2005. That's right, that loveable giant the Pitt will be taking on the entire Top Cow Universe all by himself. Top Cow founder Marc Silvestri put it most succinctly. "You've got Pitt kicking everyone's ass." This follows Keown's return to the hero that made him a star, the Hulk, with April's "Darkness/Hulk," although President Matt Hawkins did note that the title may ship late.

Coming this April, Top Cow has "Proximity Effect," a new three-issue series by Scott Tucker with art by David Nakayama starring a female lead. The studio is using a non-traditional method of publication for this title, with the first two issues being released online at no charge to the reader starting Wednesday, April 14th, with the entire three-issue series being collected as an original graphic novel, featuring a Marc Silvestri cover, shipping this June with a $9.99 cover price. Top Cow has also lined up corporate sponsorship for the title with guitar manufacturer Peavey. Ten Peavey guitars have been painted with characters from "Proximity Effect" and will be auctioned off later this year. CBR News will have an online exclusive look at the series this April, a week before it's unveiled on the official Web site.

[Human Kind]Tony Daniel will bring his latest creator-owned series to the Cow later this year, with "Humankind," a precursor to his next "Tenth" series. "Humankind" will debut at Wizard World: Chicago this August with issue #1 in stores this September.

In other news, Adam Hughes will be taking over cover duties on the Top Cow licensed property "Tomb Raider" starting with issue #41. At this point Silvestri held up a print out of the first Hughes cover (the overhead projector wasn't working at this point) and joked, "There's a hot chick with glasses. She's got a big ass gun. That's Tomb Raider." In other cover news, Greg Land will provide the covers for "Witchblade" starting with issue #77.

The floor was then opened to questions. When asked about the status of "Cyberforce," the title which launched Top Cow, Silvestri said fans shouldn't be surprised if you see them pop up again soon, possibly in 2005. He noted there's a Cyberforce story in the upcoming Image Anniversary Book, which will finally arrive in stores later this year.

With regards to the unfinished "Inferno" series, Hawkins noted that events conspired against the company moving forward with the series due to some legal and trademark issues, but that they'd love to revisit those characters when things get sorted. It's possible that when that time comes, the series will be finished as a completed trade instead of just releasing the fourth and final issue.

In other news, a "Witchblade" video game is planned by video game maker Atari. It will be one of the X-Box 2 launch titles, due sometime mid-2006. And the art for "Witchblade" #76 will be handled by Mike Choi, who previously worked as Silvestri's background artist. Silvestri is excited about Choi, saying he's someone to look out for.

Rouding things out, here's a look at the latest Top Cow jam poster, which debuted at Wizard World: Los Angeles, as well as Eric Basaldua's cover for "Witchblade/Wolverine" #1.

The folks at Aspen Comics held a panel at Wizard World: Los Angeles Saturday afternoon. Not a lot of new news to come out of the panel, mostly giving fans updates on existing and upcoming titles "Aspen," "Soulfire" and "Fathom: Dawn of War," a new hree-issue series coming this September, as well as showing a few slides from Turner's work on DC Comics' "Batman/Superman."

In other news:

  • This July sees the release of a new series called "Canon Hawk," written by Olivia Child and Michael Turner with art by Turner. The zero issue will be available at Comic-Con International in San Diego this July. While they're still working out the final story, Turner said that events take place in Japan, following the blue sun event in "Fathom."
  • The May edition of French comics magazine "Comicbox" will feature a Batman/Catwoman cover by Michael Turner.
  • With regards to the "Fathom" movie, a new script is currently being worked on as Turner and the studio felt the first drafts were getting too far away from the original concept of the book. Turner's first choice to play the lead would be "Dark Angel's" Jessica Alba.

We already know that "Conan" has been a big success for Dark Horse Comics, having sold out of it's first printing, estimated to be in excess of 50,000 copies, and a second printing is on the way. CBR News learned Saturday at Wizard World: Los Angeles that interest in the second printing of issue #1 are also very healthy, with over 20,000 copies having been ordered already.

CBR News learned Saturday afternoon at Wizard World: Los Angeles that Diamond Comics Distributors Steve Geppi underwent brain surgery late last week to treat a subdural hematoma. The surgery went without incident and Geppi is recuperating. All of us here at CBR wish Steve Geppi a speedy recovery.

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