Top Cow collects "Common Grounds"

Top Cow collects "Common Grounds" "Common Grounds" TPB Coming This Month

Official Press Release

Dear Comic Reader of the World,

Hey. All apologies for not making this a "formal" kinda press release, but…waitasec. Why should I apologize for that? Who really likes press releases? They're the speed limit signs of life. They're just kinda "there," and nobody really pays attention to 'em, right?

Anyhoo, a word or 417 about Common Grounds. The paperback collecting the acclaimed 6-issue Top Cow mini-series written by Troy Hickman hits Your Local Comic Store on Nov. 10. How acclaimed? Hey…

• This is the book that Guillermo del Toro called "Endearing, moving, and painfully human!"

• This is the book that Mark Waid called "Very clever, very sharp, and surprisingly poignant!"

• This is the book that caused Joe Quesada to say, "You guys are on to something with this Hickman cat-he could be the surprise hit of the year!"

• This is the book that caused Troy's own mom to ponder, "So what is it you do with these comic books? You type the words into the bubbles above their heads?"

Aside from that, Common Grounds is an artistic tour de force. Thirteen stories reside within the pages of the paperback, illustrated by George Pérez, Ethan van Sciver, Chris Bachalo, Carlos Pacheco, Sam Kieth, Michael Avon Oeming, Angel Medina and Dan Jurgens. A veritable galaxy of stars!

But more than anything, this is a passion project, both for myself and Troy Hickman. I first encountered Troy in Artist's Alley at Wizard World Chicago, hawking hand-stapled issues of Kinko's-copied mini-comics. Troy's stories were-and still are-told with passion. And depth. And feeling. And above all, humanity. It's been a pleasure to bring these stories to life in Common Grounds. Many have already tasted of this heady brew in the original issues. Word-of-mouth has spread, as fan has told fan. Now, it's your opportunity to get 'em all, in one place at one time. I suggest you do.

Okay, promise kept: This wasn't your typical press release. But then, Common Grounds is not your typical comic book.


Jim McLauchlinEditor-in-Chief, Top Cow Productions

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