Top Cow announces scheduling changes

Official Press Release

In its continuing mission to publish the absolute highest quality level in comics while maintaining scheduled ship dates, Top Cow Productions has made some adjustments to its editorial schedule. Fathom 13, Fathom 14 and Tomb Raider: Greatest Treasure of All are all being cancelled pending resolicitation once these issues are complete. Midnight Nation #9 and Rising Stars #17 are both being resolicited for December 2001.

"Ultimately our goal is very simple, we want to publish the best written, best drawn comics in the industry and put them out in the month we solicit them in," says Top Cow President Matt Hawkins. "The changes we're making in the editorial schedule are being made to help ensure both aspects of this goal. There are a couple other scheduling changes we'll be making, but we'll announce those once we have them confirmed."

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