Top Cow Animation Venture Launches with Comics and Toys

Official Press Release

Top Cow Productions launches a new corporate division this August focusing on animation for its expansive character base. The initiative is being spearheaded by the launch of an "animated" style comic written by animation master Paul Dini ("Batman: The Animated Series"), and with art by a studio¹s worth of artists headed by Darwyn Cooke (Catwoman). The initiative is also supported by a major toy launch from Palisades Toys featuring Witchblade, Magdalena and The Darkness.

The Witchblade Animated comic book will be released in early August with a special launch event at the Wizard World Chicago convention August 8-10. The toy assortment, scheduled for simultaneous launch, comes with four figures:

  • Sara Pezzini: In her sexy civilian garb, complete with jeans and halter top.
  • The Darkness: Presented in an all-new light.
  • Magdalena: With hood, cape, and sword.
  • Sara Pezzini in Overcoat: Exclusive to Wizard & ToyFare magazines, this version has a long flowing overcoat and alternate hairstyle.

The 4 .5-inch scale figures will come blister carded and will have a suggested retail of $10 each.

[Witchblade]"This has snowballed into a much larger project," Palisades President Michael Horn said. "What started out as a unique interpretation of a great character base has become a major project for two companies."

The Witchblade Animated comic is written by über-animation god Paul Dini ("Batman the Animated Series," "Batman Beyond," "Superman Adventures"). "I¹m thrilled to be doing this and it¹ll be fun to put my own little bit of a spin on the characters," Dini said. "I promise it'll be fun, it'll be dangerous, and there will be lot of surprises."

"Hands down, there is no one better to handle this kind of story than Paul Dini," said Top Cow Editor-in-Chief Jim McLauchlin. "He was our first, last, and only choice."

The comic art will be handled "studio style," with "Kim Possible" cartoon storyboard artist David Bullock doing layouts, Darwyn Cooke handling pencils, and J. Bone (Mutant, Texas) laying down inks. "We were lucky enough to get some of the top names in the animation field to work on this book," McLauchlin said. "The result will be a great story, with an authentic style that looks like it jumped off your Saturday morning screen."

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