Top Cow And Marvel Clash in "Unholy Union!"

Official Press Release

The latest Top Cow Productions and Marvel Comics crossover one shot is going to be a royal rumble for the ages! Unholy Union is an over-sized special featuring Top Cow's flagship characters Witchblade & The Darkness and no less than three Marvel favorites.

Written by regular Witchblade scribe Ron Marz ( Ion, Samurai: Heaven And Earth) and drawn by the artist of the upcoming The Darkness ongoing series Michael Broussard, Unholy Union promises to be a very memorable crossover. When Jackie Estacado, the ill fated mob boss cursed with the inheritance of The Darkness, is brought into court he's fairly certain he can beat the charges. Unfortunately for Jackie, Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance, is not so easily escaped. If this clash wasn't enough to get fans pulses pounding, the Incredible Hulk is simultaneously rampaging through New York City and both Dani Baptiste, the current bearer of the Witchblade, and Sara Pezzini, the former bearer, must try and save the city while Doctor Strange monitors all these events with great interest. With this much action, the stand alone special demanded an over-sized treatment with extra pages of thrilling content! And if that wasn't enough, the issue also contains a special preview for this summer's Top Cow Event First Born.

"We packed as much as humanly possible into this one. I think we ended up with a story that gives each of the characters a moment in the spotlight, includes plenty of over-the-top action, and even plants a seed for Top Cow's upcoming First Born storyline," commented writer Ron Marz, "So we've got all that, plus ample opportunity for artist Michael Broussard to show off what he's capable of. For a guy who's just beginning his career, Michael is amazingly accomplished. He's the real deal, and I'm happy to be working with him."

"Every time we do something, we like to do it bigger and better", commented Filip Sablik, Vice President of Marketing & Sales, "Ron's really raised the stakes with this Marvel crossover by bringing together some unlikely characters in a fun summer movie blockbuster style one shot."

Unholy Union is a 40 page, full color one shot with a suggested retail price of $3.99. Additional information regarding Unholy Union can be found at www.topcow.com .

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