Top 75 Most Memorable Moments in DC Comics History: #15-6

We provided a series of memorable DC moments for you to vote for, we also gave you the chance to nominate other moments (which you then also voted on to get them on to the "ballot") and then you came out in droves to vote for them all! I think it was our biggest turnout yet (as it turns out, more people will vote if they just have to click buttons to vote). So now, we begin the countdown of the Top 75 most memorable moments in the 75-year history of DC Comics!!! Do note that spoilers will almost certainly be present in these moments, and some of them could have come from comics that were intended for mature audiences only. So be forewarned!

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And now, here is #15-6!


15 Batman and Joker share a laugh (Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland)

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While quite a few folks were put off by Joker shooting Barbara Gordon in the Killing Joke - the end of the book was possibly even MORE divisive! The two men standing in the rain laughing at a silly joke was intentionally provocative, but certainly memorable.

14 Batman takes down Superman (Batman: The Dark Knight #4 by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson)

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The beginning of this fight is also quite memorable, where Batman first punches Superman, but the ending is the most memorable part of the fight.

13 Abin Sur finds a replacement (Showcase #22 by John Broome, Gil Kane and Joe Giella)

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Here is the iconic origin of Hal Jordan of Earth, the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814!

12 Bruce Wayne loses a window, gains an identity (Detective Comics #33 by Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Sheldon Moldoff)

Batman's origin is so awesome that it actually merits TWO moments - his parents getting shot and then later, the idea for naming himself after a bat. Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Sheldon Moldoff deliver the tale.

11 The Waynes take a night stroll (Detective Comics #33 by Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Sheldon Moldoff)

The parent death that pretty much all parental deaths are measured against. Bill Finger actually only wrote the first two pages of Detective Comics #33 (Gardner Fox wrote the rest) just so he could deliver this origin story. Bob Kane and Sheldon Moldoff did the artwork. It is fitting that these two moments came back to back (although oddly enough, this one beat the other one by over 40 votes).

10 Bane breaks Batman's back (Batman #497 by Doug Moench and Jim Aparo)

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Doug Moench and Jim Aparo deliver what is effectively the climax of Knightfall in this tragic tale.

9 "One Punch!" (Justice League #5 by Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis, Kevin Maguire and Al Gordon)

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For the first few issues of the Justice League relaunch, Guy Gardner had been giving Batman a hard time. In this famous scene, Gardner finally gets what's coming to him.

8 Jason Todd is beaten nearly to death by the Joker (Batman #427 by Jim Starlin and Jim Aparo)

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This is one depressing moment. Jason Todd is looking for his mother, but she sells him out and he is beaten nearly to death by the Joker. His mother is then betrayed by the Joker and left with the nearly dead Jason. He manages to awake and struggle to get them both to safety, but the bomb goes off before they can make their escape.

7 Green Arrow's ward is a junkie?!!? (Green Lantern #85 by Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams)

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Denny O'Neill and Neal Adams had this story worked out BEFORE the famous Spider-Man drugs issue, but DC was wary about putting it out against the Comics Code. Luckily, the Spidey story led to the Code changing and this issue was released, and it was a much stronger anti-drug storyline than the Spidey one.

6 Ozymandias' plan goes into effect (Watchmen #11 by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons)

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Forget Watchmen, the "thirty-five minutes ago" line is one of the most famous lines from comics PERIOD.

Beautiful work by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

Batman Annual #3

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