Top 50 DC Characters #51

Thought I'd throw a bone to those folks who were hoping for a look past the Top 50. Enjoy!

51. Deadshot - 137 points (3 first place votes)

Deadshot was technically created by Bob Kane, David Reed and Lew Schwartz, but it was not until Steve Englehart brought him back years after he first showed up, with a new costume designed by Marshall Rogers, that the character really had staying power.

And it was not until John Ostrander began featuring him in the pages of Suicide Squad that the character really took off.

Floyd Lawton is an assassin with a death wish, but also a bizarre code of honor.

Here is why Dana DeVries picked Deadshot #1...

In a world where super strength and flight are common, Deadshot is merely one of the best marksmen alive and is usually armed with wrist-mounted large caliber guns. However, his most notable trait is his lack of concern for his own life. He just doesn't care if he, or the people around him, live or die. Despite this deathwish, Floyd Lawton survived years on various incarnations of the Suicide Squad while many around him died.

One of my favorite memories of him was on the Phoenix Gambit mission. Deadshot's primary role was to force the cooperation of Stalnoivolk, a superpowered Russian agent. Although immune to bullets, Stalnoivolk is vulnerable to a laser pistol Deadshot carries for this mission. However, the Russian sees an opportunity to escape by leaping out of an airplane. He knows he will survive the fall and can flee long before anyone parachuting down can reach him. Instead, Deadshot grabs two parachutes and jumps after him. As both of them plummet to the ground, he aims the pistol at Stalnoivolk and orders him to use the parachute or they both die. The Russian reluctantly complies and both parachute to the ground where they go on to complete the mission. Only later does Deadshot reveal that the pistol broke during the fall and he's used merely the threat to order around someone powerful enough to rip him in half.

In comics, so many characters are consumed with angst, shame, guilt, or needlessly complicated plans for world domination, it is a pleasure to see someone who just lives his life to the utmost without concern for his own safety or that of others.

It doesn't make him a hero, but it does make him unspeakably cool.

Thanks, Dana!

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