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Top 50 Comic Book Writers: #7-5

by  in Comic News Comment
Top 50 Comic Book Writers: #7-5

Here are the next three writers that you voted as your favorites of all-time based on over one thousand ballots cast! Click here to see the artists #7-5 on the countdown. Click here to see a master list of all writers listed so far.

NOTE: Five notable works per creator

7 Brian Michael Bendis – 1611 points (25 first place votes)

Brian Michael Bendis began his career in comics in the independent comic book scene in the 1990s, working on a variety of different projects, but most notably was his creator-owned series, namely AKA Goldfish and its sequel, Jinx, starring the awesome original character of Bendis’, the bounty hunter Jinx Alameda…

After an acclaimed piece of historical fiction with co-writer Marc Andreyko, Torso, Bendis began to work on higher profile projects, including a new series for Image Comics about cops in a world of superheroes. The comic was down with artist Michael Avon Oeming…

Later in 2000, Bendis made a tremendous splash with the beginning of his still-ongoing run on Ultimate Spider-Man…

the next year, Bendis took over Daredevil with artist Alex Maleev…

Soon, Bendis was taking on more and more high profile work for Marvel while he also became more and more important to the direction of the Marvel Universe as a whole.

This became abundantly clear when Bendis took over the Avengers franchise, making it Marvel’s #1 comic book franchise…

Bendis has been in charge of the Avengers book since 2005, and they’re still Marvel’s top-selling group of books. He continues to write Powers (now for Marvel) and he recently debuted a new creator-owned series called Scarlett (with his Daredevil collaborator, Maleev).

6 Frank Miller – 1628 points (21 first place votes)

After becoming a popular artist on Daredevil, Frank Miller was given the scripting reins, as well, and he did a marvelous job, making Daredevil one of Marvel’s more popular titles (especially impressive considering how poorly it was selling before Miller took over).

During the mid-80s, Miller returned to Daredevil for the most-acclaimed run in Daredevil history, the “Born Again” storyline with artist David Mazzucchelli….

Miller continued his hot streak into Batman: The Dark Knight, with Klaus Janson (who did Daredevil with Miller)….

and then into Batman: Year One (once again with Mazzucchelli)…

Within a two-three year period, Miller had written three of the most-loved comic book stories of all time – “Born Again,” “The Dark Knight Returns” and “Batman Year One.” That’s an achievement that is still amazing to this day.

Since then, Miller has continued to have success in a variety of comics, perhaps most notably with his series of noir comics, Sin City…

But also on a number of other comics, including 300 and the sales smash All Star Batman and Robin (with artist Jim Lee).

5 Stan Lee – 1662 points (63 first place votes)

Stan Lee started working for Timely Comics in the early 1940s, ultimately becoming Editor-in-Chief, a title he would hold for the next thirty years (not counting a brief stint in the military during World War II).

Lee practically was a one-man writing crew for Timely Comics during the 1950s, when they changed their name to Atlas Comics. By the 1960s, he and his skeletal crew of artists had devised a fairly novel way of writing comics. Lee would come up with a plot and talk it over with the artist – the artist would draw the story based on the plot and then Lee would script over the drawings. That was the process put in place when the company became known as Marvel Comics, and Lee wrote a few comic books that you might have heard of (working with artists you might have heard of like Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko)….

Lee continued to script pretty much every Marvel Comic until the mid-to-late 1960s, and he oversaw the direction of Marvel Comics for a number of years after that. Since the mid-70s, Lee has been more involved in other aspects of the entertainment business (most notably Marvel Animation and TV projects), but he has found the time to write a ton of comics over the years. Even to this day, the octogenarian Lee is coming up with ideas for Boom! Studios characters and scripting Marvel stories every month or so.

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