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Top 50 Comic Book Writers: #4-3

by  in Comic News Comment
Top 50 Comic Book Writers: #4-3

Here are the next two writers that you voted as your favorites of all-time based on over one thousand ballots cast! Click here to see the artists #4-3 on the countdown. Click here to see a master list of all writers listed so far.

NOTE: Five notable works per creator

4 Warren Ellis – 2338 points (39 first place votes)

Warren Ellis had worked for some small comic book houses in the early 1990s, with the most notable result being his great Lazarus Churchyard series. After a few years, Ellis began working at Marvel, with a notable run on Hellstrom and Doom 2099. His longest run at this time, though, was on Excalibur, where he introduced the world to Peter Wisdom.

After working on a number of projects for Marvel during the mid-90s (including a memorable Thor storyline), Ellis began his longest-running project yet (issue-wise), with his creator-owned series Transmetropolitan, with artist Darick Robertson…

Ellis had already been working for Wildstorm (notably on DV8), but he took his work to a whole new level when he took over Stormwatch (Stormwatch actually predated Transmetropolitan)…

That series led to two of the great comic book series of the late 1990s and 2000s, the Authority…

and Planetary (Planetary was not tied into Stormwatch, it just launched the same time as Authority)…

Since then, Ellis has done a number of creator-owned work for Wildstorm and for Avatar Press, plus he has had some memorable short runs at Marvel, including the brilliant Nextwave (with Stuart Immonen)…

and Thunderbolts (with Mike Deodato).

Ellis continues to work on brilliant creator-owned works for Avatar while also doing standout superhero work for Marvel.

3 Neil Gaiman – 2395 points (40 first place votes)

Neil Gaiman first began to get a name for himself on Black Orchid, with artist Dave McKean…

although he had a VERY memorable showing in a Secret Origins Special where Gaiman did two of the three origins in the comic (short stories that still resonate to this day).

Gaiman then began work on one of the masterpieces of American comic books, with his acclaimed Sandman series…

At roughly the same time, Gaiman took over Miracleman from Alan Moore…

Gaiman did two popular spin-offs of Sandman based on Sandman’s sister, Death…

Since Sandman ended, Gaiman has mostly spent his time on prose work, but he has still done a number of comics, including two limited series for Marvel, one called 1602 and the other one a new take on Jack Kirby’s the Eternals. Gaiman has done a few Sandman projects since the series ended, and he also did a “farewell” to Batman two-parter that got a lot of buzz.

Gaiman continues to do amazing prose work, but I’ll certainly admit that I’d love to see some new comic book stuff from him.

Only two writers remain! You’ll see them tomorrow!

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