Top 50 Comic Book Writers: #2-1

Here are the last two writers that you voted as your favorites of all-time based on over one thousand ballots cast! Click here to see the artists #2-1 on the countdown. Click here to see a master list of all the writers in the top 50!

NOTE: Five notable works per creator

2 Grant Morrison – 4102 points (163 first place votes)

Grant Morrison started his career working on a variety of independent series in England in the early to mid-80s, before he finally found some success working for Marvel UK. His Marvel UK work got him work on 2000 AD, where he debuted the very popular Zenith feature, about a post-modern superhero.

Zenith proved popular enough that Morrison was able to get his pitches heard at DC Comics, and in the late 1980s, Morrison began work on an Animal Man revamp that was so well-received by DC that it was turned into an ongoing series before the mini-series was even released!

Morrison's acclaimed work on Animal Man led to him doing a revamp on another DC title, Doom Patrol...

Animal Man and Doom Patrol later formed a significant chunk of the initial line of Vertigo comics for DC (Morrison had left both titles by this point, though).

Morrison continued to be a significant contributor to 2000 AD during the early 1990s, helping to get Mark Millar his big break in comics, as well.

Morrison worked on a number of series from the late 1980s into the mid 1990s, including one of his most successful stories ever - the Batman graphic novel, Arkham Asylum (with artist Dave McKean), which had the good fortune to be released during the Bat-mania of the Tim Burton Batman film. Morrison also debuted his acclaimed Vertigo series, The Invisibles, in the 1990s.

In 1996, Morrison's career took a bit of a turn when he took over DC's wilting Justice League title. Morrison (with artist Howard Porter) turned the franchise around, making it DC's biggest-selling superhero comic...

After he finished his JLA run, Morrison had a similarly acclaimed revamp on the X-Men line of comics...

After leaving Marvel in 2004, Morrison returned to DC to work on a variety of acclaimed projects, including We3 and All Star Superman...

Currently, Morrison is getting towards the end of a six-plus-year run directing the Batman line of comics for DC.

1 Alan Moore – 4551 points (183 first place votes)

Like Morrison, Alan Moore got his start in independent comics in England. And like Morrison, Moore first found success at Marvel UK (an acclaimed run on Captain Britain) before moving over to 2000 AD for a number of popular series and also two notable works for Warrior, most famously Moore's revamp of Marvelman...

Moore's work on Warrior got him noticed at DC, and soon he was writing Swamp Thing for DC, which was basically the first "Vertigo" comic (years before there WAS a Vertigo).

His success on Swamp Thing led to the groundbreaking mini-series, Watchmen, also for DC...

DC also finished a series Moore also began in Warrior, V for Vendetta...

After leaving DC in the late 1980s, Moore has done work for a variety of different companies, including the notable independent series, From Hell (with Eddie Campbell) and a number of different projects for Image Comics.

In the late 1990s, Jim Lee's Wildstorm Studios created a whole line of comics for Moore, including such acclaimed series as Top Ten, Promethea, Tom Strong and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen...

Moore is continuing the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series for Top Shelf.

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