Top 25 Female Comic Book Writers #3-1

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3. G. Willow Wilson

G. Willow Wilson's first major comic book work was the graphic novel Cairo for Vertigo, with artist MK Perker. The series follows a group of six people in Cairo in an complex, interconnected tale of intrigue...

She and Perker teamed up again for the ongoing series Air for Vertigo, about a flight attendant who gets recruited into a secret organization. As the series progresses, her adventures take her beyond space and time themselves...

The series ran for two years and ended in 2010.

Wilson then did some work with Marvel on a few different series while also working on her first novel, the critically acclaimed Alif the Unseen, which was released in 2013.

The following year, she debuted the massively successful new Ms. Marvel comic book series (with artist Adrian Alphona) about a Muslim teenage girl living in Jersey City who suddenly discovers that she has the ability to control her body in a variety of ways (like shrinking, growing, making her body elastic or strong, stuff like that). This, of course, puts her into conflict with her strict brother and even stricter parents...

This engaging new series has been a crossover hit for Marvel Comics, opening comic sales to a whole new arena with the major success of the series in digital media. Wilson is also currently writing X-Men for Marvel, which also shows off her skills with female leads.

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