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10.  Noelle Stevenson

Noelle Stevenson's sci-fi/fantasy webcomic Nimona took the world, or at least the internet, by storm in 2012, surging to huge popularity and putting the young cartoonist's name on the comics map in a big way. Stevenson's Nimona also doubled as her senior thesis at The Maryland Institute College of Art, has been nominated for a Harvey and was awarded the Slate Cartoonist Studio Prize in 2012.

Nimona, a weekly webcomic about an ambitious young shape-shifter Nimona that becomes the sidekick to Ballister, a "bad guy" former knight turned mad scientist, always had a planned ending (it ended in October 2014) and was picked up by Harper Collins to be collected in print, the hardcover forthcoming in May 2015.

Stevenson is a formidable online presence with a massive Tumblr and Twitter following, her illustrations and webcomics go viral quickly, her loose sketchy style nice accessible and easily relatable, and a bit reminiscent of Kate Beaton. Known for a boldness in both her work and her public persona, Stevenson sometimes feels like the very future of women in comics, a take no prisoner and unabashedly confident attitude paired with a distinctive voice that feels effortlessly "now."

Stevenson has announced plans for another webcomic in the future, but in the meantime her work, and her writing especially, has caught the attention of publishers. In addition to co-writing the popular Boom! series Lumberjanes, which began as an intended eight-issue mini-series but was so popular Boom upgraded it to an ongoing series, Stevenson also contributed short comics to the back of Boom's Sleepy Hollow series and a story (illustrated by Marguerite Sauvage) in this year's Thor Annual. It was also announced recently that Stevenson will be writing a high-profile rebooted Runaways during Marvel's Secret Wars event beginning in May.

Here are a few pages from Stevenson's Nimona. It's no longer available for free in full online, but you can still read the first three chapters for free online:

And here are a few pages from Lumberjanes #1:

9. Kathryn Immonen

Canadian writer Kathryn Immonen has been working in comics for nearly thirty years, the first twenty doing primarily indie work with her husband Stuart Immonen, including books and webcomics like Criminal Insects, Headcheese, Playground, and Punk Murder Mystery, Never as Bad as You Think and Moving Pictures.

Immonen's webcomics Never As Bad As You Think and Moving Pictures were collected into print volumes -- Never As Bad As You Think by Boom in 2008, and Moving Pictures by Top Shelf in 2009. The Immones's third major collaboration, Russian Olive to Red King, is forthcoming from Ad House Books in 2015 (and you can read an excellent preview here).

Additionally, in 2007 Immonen did her first work for Marvel comics, writing a Hellcat mini-series with artist David LaFuente. A lot of interesting Marvel work followed including Runaways Vol. 3 in 2009, the Pixie Strikes Back mini-series in 2010, Heralds in 2010, and the highly underrated Wolverine & Jubilee mini-series in 2011. In 2012 and 2013 Immonen did a critically acclaimed run on Journey Into Mystery starring Sif, and is currently writing the Marvel period book Operation S.I.N. starring Agent Peggy Carter.

Immonen is known for her creative fast-paced scripts with a sharp sense of humor. She has no fear of the weird -- places that both Hellcat and Journey Into Mystery went joyously, and she juggles large casts well as evidenced by her work on Runaways, Pixie, and Heralds series. There's always great heart to her work though, an emotional and relatable center, perhaps never more powerful in her Marvel work than in her handling of Wolverine and Jubilee's changing and beautiful friendship in her Wolverine and Jubilee mini-series. Perhaps most impressively, Immonen is highly adaptable, moving from superheroes to period dramas with apparent ease.

Take a look at these pages from the creator-owned Moving Pictures with Stuart Immonen:

And here's some really great stuff from Wolverine & Jubilee:

And some pages from her critically acclaimed, painfully too short Journey Into Mystery:

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