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Top 25 Female Comic Book Artists #6-4

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Top 25 Female Comic Book Artists #6-4

The countdown continues!

Here are the next three artists that you voted as your favorites of all-time. Click here for the master list of all of the creators listed so far.

6. Sara Pichelli

Sara Pichelli first worked in the field of animation before she met comic book artist David Messina. He sparked an interest in comics and she soon started to do some work with him on some of his various projects (mostly his IDW Star Trek work). She entered a comic book talent competition and was seen by Marvel. She was given a few fill-in assignments before working with Kathryn Immonen on their very short run at the end of the most recent volume of Runaways in 2009 (it is kind of ridiculous that it’s been this long since someone tried to reboot Runaways).

The work was clearly strong (although Christina Strain’s color work tended to take a bit of a dominant effect on the art, which made sense to make it in keeping with the previous Runaways artists, just noting that the result was something that did not necessarily represent what to expect from Pichelli’s later work).

After doing a Pixie mini-series with Immonen, Pichelli was soon on her way to her biggest break, as she did a fill-in issue of Ultimate Spider-Man. This got her a larger stint on Ultimate Spider-Man towards the end of Peter Parker’s run on the book. She was then given the chance to launch Miles Morales’ time as Ultimate Spider-Man along with writer Brian Michael Bendis.

IF you were to ask me to come up with a formula for comic book superstardom for an artist, I’d tell you that it was impossible, as there is no set rule. However, a pretty darn good formula would be to combine fluid artwork with extremely detailed character work. That right there likely gets you 90% of the way to stardom, as it is such a hard combination to pull off. That right there ALSO pretty much describes Pichelli’s artwork to a tee, as seen in this early issue of Ultimate Spider-Man…

It soon became evident to Marvel that they had a star on their hands, and they quickly gave her the assignment of the mini-series where Peter Parker and Miles Morales meet for the first time…

Bendis then brought her over to Guardians of the Galaxy for a stint on that book, including introducing Angela to the team…

Marvel recently dubbed Pichelli as one of their “Young Guns,” so expect a lot more from Pichelli at Marvel (not that she needed to be designated a “Young Gun” for that much to be obvious).

5. Emma Rios

Originally planning to be an architect, Emma Rios got involved in the comics scene in her native Spain and soon realized that she was more interested in comic books than architecture. Her first big American work was the mini-series Hexed for Boom! Studios, where she debuted her heavily stylized and dynamic artwork…

Mark Waid (who had been working for Boom! at the time Rios was hired) soon brought her over to Marvel for a Doctor Strange mini-series…

Around this time, she developed her style a bit further, mixing in some striking gritty elements into her already very stylized artwork and the mix became absolutely stunning. It really worked well for the dark mini-series Osborn that she worked on with Kelly Sue DeConnick, the first time the two worked together on a comic…

They worked together again on an issue of Captain Marvel a couple of years later and then, in 2013, they launched the absolutely stunning creator-owned work, Pretty Deadly. Rios manages to be gritty, stylized AND detailed all at once in a visually magnificent comic book…

The craziest thing about Rios is that Pretty Deadly makes it clear that she is still developing as an artist. And we already saw how dramatically impressive her previous evolutions were, so it boggles the mind to think that she could get even better than this!

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