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Top 25 Female Comic Book Artists #25-21

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Top 25 Female Comic Book Artists #25-21

The countdown begins now!!!

Here are the first five artists that you voted as your favorites of all-time. Click here for the master list of all of the creators listed so far.

25. Trina Robbins

Even before she began making a name for herself with her own work, Trina Robbins made an impact on comic book history by designing the original iconic Vampirella costume (which was then drawn by Frank Frazzeta for the first issue of Vampirella in 1969). Robbins was at the forefront of the underground comix movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s, and she helped bring more women into said movement. She famously created the one-shot It Ain’t Me, Babe Comix, which was the first underground comic completely written and drawn by female comic creators.

Throughout the 1970s, Robbins was not just a fixture of the indie scene, but she dedicated herself to opening up avenues for female cartoonists to have their own space, like in the classic anthology Wimmen’s Comix,

Her early work had a striking balance between the off-kilter “standard’ comix style and a more traditional comic book style, like this classic tale from 1977…

As Robbins began doing more and more mainstream work, her unique sensibilities continued to permeate her work. She is an art history expert, and as such, she can adapt her style to evoke any sort of style, like her take on classic Chinese artwork in this Epic Illustrated tale…

Check out her chameleon-like ability to evoke the work of H.G. Peter in this Wonder Woman mini-series she did with Kurt Busiek right before the George Perez reboot…

Or see her kids-oriented work on her mid-80s Marvel comic, Misty (which somehow manages to evoke the feel of Dan DeCarlo without simply riffing on his style)…

An excellent storyteller, Robbins’ art is also striking for how well-rounded and strong her female characters are. Sex is often present in Robbins’ work, particularly her 1970s work, but it is never just a crass titillation.

As the years have gone by, Robbins has become perhaps even more important as one of the best comic book historians there is, with her tireless work to preserve the memory of the great female comic creators of the past. She is by far the most well-respected historians when it comes to female comics in the whole world.

24. Rumiko Takahashi

Perhaps the most successful female comic book creator of all-time (selling well over 100 million copies of her various books over the years), what makes Rumiko Takahashi stand out in particular is her ability to excel at very different types of stories. She has a distinctive rounded figure style, but that distinct style has been adapted into a variety of different genres. Her breakout work was the romantic comedy, Urusei Yatsura…

She followed that up with her smash hit series, Ranma 1/2, about a martial artist who frequently changes sexes…

Her longest work was the fantasy epic Inuyasha…

As you can see, while all of her work is distinctly her own, the genre establishes the mood for each work. Takahashi has been working in comics since the late 1970s and she is showing no signs of slowing down. Few creators quite so defined the popular culture vision of what “manga” was than Rumiko Takahashi.

23. Jo Chen

Jo Chen got her big break in the Japanese comic book industry when she was just a teenager in the 1990s. She came to great fame in America, though, in the 21st century with her stunning painted comic book covers. She has had long runs on a number of titles, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer…

and Runaways…

Like all master cover artists, Chen has an almost unique ability to beautifully frame sequences for her covers. She knows how to make her covers “pop,” and that makes her one of the most in-demand comic book cover artists out there.

However, she is not a stranger to sequential work, either. Check out this short Buffy story she did with writer Joss Whedon…

Chen is one of those rare artists who can paint realistic characters while also preventing those characters from appearing too stiff.

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